Policies, Codes and Internal Regulations

Code of Business Conduct

Ambev is a company with activities in 18 countries with different cultures, and in order to maintain its unity, our employees must act according to common values and objectives. All people who are part of Ambev formally accept the standards described in our Code of Business Conduct.

The Code of Business Conduct represents our commitment to responsible, ethical and transparent behavior, and mutual respect among our professionals. This also includes responsibility before our consumers, which is reflected in our investments to place high quality products in the market and create effective channels to receive their complaints.

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Anti-corruption Policy

The Anti-corruption Policy complements the general provisions of the Code of Conduct and was developed to assist all employees in complying with Law No. 12,846/2013 (Brazilian Anti-corruption Law) and its regulations, the US Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA) and other national and international anti-bribery and anti-corruption laws applicable to Ambev.

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Manual on Disclosure and Use of Information and Policies for Trading with Securities issued by Ambev

Ambev’s policies on relationships with investors and the market in general have always been based on the principle of transparency, and the Company’s conduct is guided by the principle of full disclosure of information available on its business activities. Ambev also adheres at all times to the highest standards of compliance with the statutes and regulations applicable to public companies having their securities traded in Brazil and abroad.

After enactment of the amended Corporation Law and the regulations of the Brazilian Securities Commission with respect to disclosure of information to the investing public, the Board of Directors of Ambev consolidated the Company’s best practices in a Manual designed to regulate the conduct of its managers and persons and entities that on account of their professional relationships may have access to inside information related to Ambev. This Manual, therefore, comprises best practices with regard to disclosure and use of information and dealing in securities issued by Ambev.

Find here the Manual on Disclosure and Use of Information and Policies for Trading with Securities issued by Ambev.

Risk Management Policy

The Risk Management Policy aims to define the financial and non-financial risks in relation to which Ambev and its subsidiaries seek to protect, establishing guidelines for the delineation of acceptable limits for the company‘s exposure to each of them.

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Policy on Allocation of Results

The Policy on Allocation of Results establishes the main terms and conditions to be observed in relation to allocating results ascertained in each financial year by Ambev.

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Policy on Transactions with Related Parties

The purpose of the Policy on Transactions with Related Parties is to establish the rules and procedures to be observed by Ambev, its subsidiaries and all their respective employees, administrators and controlling shareholder(s) or persons with significant influence, in transactions involving related parties and situations involving conflict of interests, with the purpose of guaranteeing the company’s decisions be made in the best interest of Ambev and of its shareholders, further guaranteeing transparency to the shareholders, investors and to the market in general and equal treatment with third parties, pursuant to the best corporate governance practices.

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Policy on Remuneration to the Executive Board

The Policy on Remuneration to the Executive Board establishes the guidelines to determine the remuneration of the executive board members appointed pursuant to Ambev bylaws, as well as the possibility to grant company’s stock options to such members, aiming the development of the company’s executives in conformity with the long-term generation of value, with focus on results and based upon meritocracy.

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Clawback Policy

The Clawback Policy provides for the recovery or “clawback” of certain incentive compensation in the event of a Restatement.

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Policy on Hiring Auditing

The purpose of the Policy on Hiring Auditing is to regulate the process of hiring services related or not related to auditing provided by independent auditors engaged by Ambev and its controlled companies.

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Internal Regulations

Internal Regulation of the Board of Directors

The purpose of these Internal Rules is to describe the operation of the Board of Directors of the Company.

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Human Rights Policy

We’re committed to business practices that support and respect human rights and align with the UN Global Compact principles. Our Human Rights policy sets out standards, expectations and commitments in relation to our responsibility to respect and promote human rights within our own company and to not, knowingly, contribute to the violation of human rights by other parties.

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Responsible Sourcing Policy

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