Ambev's Culture

Principios Ambev

The Ambev’s Culture is already the main characteristic of the Company and it gathers the principles, beliefs and practices that guide the actions and behavior of everyone in the Company. We dream big, we seek to always improve, we are bold and committed.

Our People always have their eyes shining, transform obstacles into opportunities and try to do better every day, because they know that with determination nothing is impossible. That means going beyond counting the hectoliters of beverages sold or the profit margin we achieve every year. We are engaged to cooperate actively for the development of the world around us; for such reason, we remain thoughtful to the needs of the places where we operate.

We work to have our products continuing to be valued, to make people aware of the responsible consumption of alcohol and to preserve the environment, so that our impact in the places where we are present is more and more positive.


“Create enduring bonds with consumers and clients, providing them with the best brands, products and services.”


“Be a platform with inspiring brands that connects people and the ecosystem, so that we can all grow together.”


We have 10 principles that are the essence of our Culture and enable us to be consistent in the way to do things, respecting the local cultures and allowing us to work with a sole Dream in the whole world.


We dream big.


We are owners who think long-term.


We are powered by great people and build diverse teams through inclusion and collaboration.


We lead change and innovate for our consumers.


We grow when our customers grow.


We thrive when our communities thrive.


We believe in simplicity and scalable solutions.


We manage costs tightly and make choices to drive growth.


We create and share superior value.


We never take shortcuts.