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We, from AMBEV S.A., legal entity of private law, registered with the National Corporate Taxpayers Register under CNPJ No. 07.526.557/0001-00, with its principal place of business in São Paulo, State of São Paulo (“AMBEV”), understand how sensitive and relevant the electronic records and personal data provided by you (“User”) are when using several websites and services (“Pages”) of AMBEV, and the purpose of this Privacy Policy (“Policy”) is to regulate, on simple, transparent and objective basis, which data and information shall be obtained and when they may be used.

This Policy is applicable to the Pages related to any of the AMBEV brands, i.e., all brands referred to on the official website of AMBEV, at, encompassing all its products.

To better illustrate how we handle data, we present below a summary of our Personal Data Privacy and Protection Policy (“Policy”):



Handling Agent AmBev S.A.

CNPJ: 07.526.557/0001-00

Address: Rua Dr. Renato Paes de Barros, 1017, 3rd floor, city of São Paulo, state of São Paulo

Handling Role Predominantly controller.
Nature of the handled data Personal data provided by users and/or collected automatically.


Purpose as controller · Use personal data for publicity purposes, such as to forward information on AMBEV brands, products, promotions and discounts, to disclose events and loyalty programs or to conduct users’ satisfaction survey


Legal basis:

· Owner’s consent.


Sharing Operators and suppliers of essential services for our activities.


Data Protection Appropriate security, technical and administrative measures.


Your rights Confirmation of the existence of handling, access, correction, etc.


Contact E-mail:



This Policy may be updated, at any time, by AMBEV, upon notice on the website and/or by e-mail, if the Users have opted for receiving communications from AMBEV.



AMBEV may collect information actively inserted by Users on the occasion of the register and, further, information collected automatically when using the pages and network, such as, for instance, identification of the commercial establishment used, IP with date and time of the connection, among others.

Therefore, two types of personal data are handled: (i) personal data provided by Users; and (ii) personal data collected automatically.

(i) Information provided by Users: AMBEV collects all information actively inserted by Users on the Pages, such as full name, e-mail, gender, birth date, city and state, when Users fill out forms on the Pages. AMBEV shall use such information to promote disclosure of publicity material, promotions, discounts, events and loyalty programs, and to conduct users’ satisfaction survey.

(ii) Data collected automatically: AMBEV further automatically collects a sequence of information, such as: characteristics of the access device, of the navigator, IP (with date and time), IP origin, information on clicks, pages accessed, the following pages accessed after the exit from the Pages, or any search term typed on the websites or in reference thereto, among others. For such collection, AMBEV shall use some standard technologies, such as cookies, pixel tags, beacons and local shared objects, which are used with the purpose of improving the Users’ navigation experience on the Pages, according to their habits and preferences.

It is possible to disable, through configurations in your internet navigator, the automatic collection of information by means of some technologies, such as cookies and caches, and on our own website, specifically in relation to cookies. Nevertheless, Users must be aware that if such technologies are disabled, some resources offered by the website, which depend upon the handling of such data, may not function properly.

Furthermore, AMBEV may promote users’ satisfaction and preference surveys during your use of the Wi-Fi Network, collecting such information to continuously improve our services, to better understand your preferences and assess the quality and your impressions about our products, and for statistics and publicity purposes. For the latter purpose, AMBEV makes functionalities available so Users authorize (or not) the handling of their data, and such acceptance is not a condition for the Users’ register.

The information collected may be shared by AMBEV: (i) with other partner companies, whenever necessary for appropriate provision of the services subject matter of their activities; (ii) to protect AMBEV interests in any type of conflict; (iii) by judicial decision or if required by competent authority.

Furthermore, we clarify that your information may be further shared with companies providers of technological and operational infrastructure necessary for AMBEV activities, as payments intervening parties and providers of information storage services.



The purpose of the information collected by AMBEV is to establish contractual relation or management, administration, provision, extension and improvement of the Pages to Users, adjusting them to their preferences and tastes, and to create new services and products to be offered to Users.

The information collected may be further used for publicity purposes, such as to forward information on AMBEV brands, products, promotions and discounts, and to disclose events and loyalty programs, or to conduct purchase satisfaction survey, upon consent from the owner thereof for such purpose.

AMBEV may centralize the information collected on the Pages, which may be used on Pages and services related to all AMBEV brands, with due regard for the purposes established herein and the Users’ consent.

If Users no longer with to receive publicity information from AMBEV, at any time, they may contact AMBEV through the form available at and at

Legal basis: In those events, data handling is authorized by item I of article 7 of Law No. 13,709/2018, the General Data Protection Law (“General Data Protection Law – LGPD”).



Cookies are files or information that may be saved in your devices when you visit the AMBEV Pages. In general, a cookie contains the name of the website originated it, its life time and an amount, which is randomly generated.

AMBEV uses cookies to facilitate the use and to better adapt the Pages to your interests and needs, and to compile information about the use of our websites and services, helping improve its structures and contents. Cookies may be further used to speed up your future activities and experiences on the Pages.


Types of Cookies What do they do? Species
Necessary These cookies are essential for the AMBEV Pages to load correctly and allow you to navigate on our websites and use all functionalities. visid_incap_{Site-ID};



Performance These cookies help us understand how the visitors interact with the AMBEV Pages, providing information about the sites visited, the visiting time to the website and any problems found, such as error messages. _ga;




Functional These cookies allow the AMBEV Pages to remember your choices, to provide a more customized experience. Moreover, they enable Users to watch videos and use social tools, fields for comments, forums, among others. ambev_idade_verificada;

contrast-theme, increased-font


These cookies are used to provide more relevant content and content of the Users’ interest. They may be used to present more focused publicity or limit the number of disseminations thereof on the AMBEV Pages. They further allow the assessment of the efficacy of an AMBEV publicity campaign.

Furthermore, these cookies may be used to indicate to the AMBEV Pages the websites that Users visited and AMBEV may share such information with third parties, such as publicity agencies contracted.














After Users authorize the use of cookies, when using the AMBEV Pages, AMBEV shall save a cookie in your device to remember it in your next session.

At any time, Users may revoke their consent in relation to the cookies, by means of which they shall erase the cookies from the AMBEV Pages using the configurations in the navigator of their preference. For further information on how to proceed in relation to the management of cookies in navigators:

• Internet Explorer:
• Mozilla Firefox:
• Google Chrome:
• Safari:

And, finally, we remind you that if Users refuse some cookies from the AMBEV Pages, certain services may not function properly.



AMBEV belongs to an economic group that works in association with several companies. Therefore, AMBEV may share the information collected through the Pages in the following events:

(i) With other companies belonging to the AMBEV Group, organized or operating in any country, which agree to use the information for the same purposes indicated in this Policy;

(ii) With partner companies, when developing AMBEV commercial activities;

(iii) To protect AMBEV interests in any type of conflict, including judicial actions;

(iv) In the event of transactions and corporate changes involving AMBEV, event in which the transfer of information shall be necessary to continue the services; or,

(v) By judicial order or if required by administrative authorities with legal jurisdiction for so.



AMBEV shall save the information collected on its Pages in its own servers or servers contracted thereby.

AMBEV adopts the reasonable marketing and legally requested means to preserve the privacy of the data collected on its Pages. Therefore, AMBEV takes the following precautions, in compliance with the guidelines on security standards established in Decree No. 8,771/2016, as follows:

(i) AMBEV adopts the standard and marketing methods to encrypt and anonymize the data collected;

(ii) AMBEV has protection against unauthorized access to its systems;

(iii) AMBEV solely authorizes the access of persons previously established to the site where the information collected are saved;

(iv) Those who have access to the information shall agree to maintain absolute secrecy. Breach of secrecy shall result in civil liability and the person responsible shall be held responsible according to the provisions of the Brazilian legislation; and

(v) Maintenance of inventory indicating the moment, duration, identity of the employee or person responsible for the access and the file subject matter, based upon the connection records and access to applications, as determined in article 13 of Decree No. 8,771/2016.

AMBEV exerts the best efforts to preserve the privacy of the Users’ data. Nevertheless, no website is completely safe and AMBEV may not fully guarantee that all information that circulate on the Pages not be target of unauthorized accesses by means of methods developed to obtain information inappropriately. Therefore, we encourage Users to adopt the appropriate measures to protect themselves, such as, for instance, maintaining all usernames and passwords confidential.



The information collected by AMBEV through the Pages shall be automatically excluded from its servers when they are no longer useful for the purposes for which they have been collected or when users request for the elimination of their personal data.

Without prejudice to the provisions above, the information may be preserved for compliance with legal or regulatory obligation, transfer to third party – provided that with due regard for the data handling requirements – and exclusive use by AMBEV, their access by third party being prohibited, provided that anonymized.



In compliance with the applicable regulations as regards handling personal data, AMBEV respects and warrants to Users the possibility to present requests based upon the following rights:

(i) confirmation of the existence of handling;

(ii) access to data;

(iii) correction of incomplete, inaccurate or outdated data;

(iv) anonymization, block or elimination of unnecessary data, excessive data or data improperly handled;

(v) portability of their data to another service or product supplier, upon Users’ express request;

(vi) elimination of data handled upon Users’ consent;

(vii) obtainment of information about the public or private entities with which AMBEV shared your data;

(viii) information about the possibility to reject your consent and to be informed about the consequences thereof;

(ix) consent’s revocation.

Part of such rights may be exercised directly by Users as from the management of information about your account and other rights shall be subject to forwarding of request for subsequent assessment and adoption of other measures by AMBEV.



You may contact our Person in Charge for Handling Personal Data through the e-mail:

Such communication channel is exclusive to (i) resolve any doubts about this Privacy Policy, (ii) present complaint about possible infringement to the data protection laws and (iii) fulfill requests related to your rights, as listed in Item VII of this Policy.

To access, correct incomplete, inaccurate or outdated data and resolve doubts about AMBEV, you may request for the form available at and at

Users are aware that the exclusion of essential information to manage their account with AMBEV may imply termination of their register, with consequent cancellation of the services provided.

AMBEV shall exert all efforts to fulfill such requests as soon as possible, always with due regard for the applicable legislation. In some cases, requests for exclusion may not be fulfilled immediately as a result of legal determination.



This Policy shall be governed by, construed in accordance with and performed according to the Laws of the Federative Republic of Brazil, in particular, Law No. 13,709/2018, regardless of the Laws of other states or Countries, and the courts of the Users’ domicile shall be competent to resolve any doubts arising out of this document.


Updated on January 19, 2021.